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Potential for development

You shape your future! You shape our company!

Our co-operative management style leaves you a lot of freedom to assume responsibility. Creative team working and the appreciation of individual capabilities result in a constructive work climate and efficient results. The expansion into new industries and other technical fields mean attractive options for further development for everybody.

We want you to prosper together with us!

Corporate health management

TESIUM is actively involved in the corporate health management of its group, because we highly value our employees' health and vitality. The spectrum ranges from free-of-charge flu vaccinations and regular health check-ups, through internal and external sport and wellness provision or consultation, to medically coordinated re-integration after longer-term absence due to illness. For the identification and minimization of ergonomic stresses, health circles were organized into focus topics and the workplaces were systematically investigated for weaknesses. Furthermore, we regularly organize health days on issues such as healthy nutrition or stress management.

We know that your strength is our power!

Education and vocational training

We encourage the education and further training of our staff. Extending your expertise is highly valued here and is an established element of our company targets.

TESIUM secures its opportunities in the market thanks to its highly qualified staff!


Varied projects in exciting industries are waiting for our staff. No matter whether you are working together with a customer’s staff or in a team with other TESIUM experts, the challenges are always varied.

TESIUM offers you many exciting experiences!