Process and plant safety

Our primary targets are long-term operative reliability as well as the profitability of your production plants. Our experts, with their experience in the practice, ensure, using efficient and systematic safety considerations, your (legal) safety. Practicians with a sound knowledge of the relevant regulations, take the company-specific issues and location-related conditions into account.

Benefit from a thoroughly reliable plant as well as regular, clearly understandable documentation, which is pleasing to the supervisory authorities and the employer's liability insurance. Even if your plants have to comply with the extended obligations from the German Major Incidents Ordinance.

Our services

  • Compiling of systematic safety assessments (HAZOP studies)
  • Safety reports in conformity with §9 StörfallV (German Major Incidents Ordinance)
  • Alarm and emergency plans in conformity with StörfallV
  • Information for the public in conformity with §11 StörfallV

Seminar programme

  • Electrical explosion protection according to ATEX and BetrSichV (practical seminar on the planning, setting up and operation of electrical installations in industrial facilities with explosion hazard)
  • Functional safety SIL/PL (practical electrical, instrumentation and control safety according to the latest state of technology)

If you would like more information on these seminars please get in touch with us.