Fire protection

On the subject of fire protection, we provide comprehensive consultations and services to cover the applicable regulations. Our experts providing these services are experienced active firefighters, able to identify, evaluate or exclude risks, or to limit their consequences to a minimum. No matter whether you are in the first planning phase of a new project, have a high potential risk, or are having to deal with a difficult existing situation, Tesium will allow you to benefit from practical solutions for constructional, technical and defensive fire protection.

Our services

  • Fire protection inspection and consultation
  • Fire protection concepts
  • Fire protection assessments
  • Concepts for the retention of extinguishing water
  • Fire Protection Officer
  • Compiling of fire protection regulations conforming to DIN 14096
  • Compiling of escape and rescue plans
  • Compiling of fire brigade plans conforming to DIN 14095
  • Provision of fire protection guards
  • Testing of manual fire extinguishers and wall hydrants
  • Planning and execution of evacuation and fire extinguishing training sessions (fire protection training)