Explosion protection

An explosion is such a particular hazard that the legislator has stipulated a special form of risk assessment, the explosion protection document. Our experts have, in addition to many years of experience, solid specialist knowledge of explosion protection, and therefore they are able to identify practical solutions. In addition to the pragmatic application of the statutory obligations and regulations, you will benefit from tried-and-tested documentation ensuring legal compliance, which can be continued into the future in a simple and cost-efficient way.

Our experience includes, in addition to companies in the chemical industry and the food industry, also numerous industries such as disposal companies, biogas plants, metal processing, glass industry, wood processing industry, rubber and plastics industry, public service customers, etc.

Our services

  • Drawing up explosion protection documents
  • Define and check ex-zones
  • Prepare ex-zone plans
  • Determine practical explosion protection measures
  • Check of the explosion safety by a qualified person according to the German Health and Operational Safety Regulations (BetrSichV), appendix 2, chapter 3 number 4.1 and 5.1

    • check before commissioning
    • check after relevant changes
    • periodic checks

  • safety-related indicators: determination of safety Parameters for combustible and explosive dusts 

Seminar programme

  • Electrical explosion protection according to ATEX and BetrSichV (practical seminar on the planning, setting up and operation of electrical installations in industrial facilities with explosion hazard)
  • Explosion protection, explosion protection document

If you would like more information on these seminars please get in touch with us.