Environmental analysis / measuring services

Chemical substances, dust, noise, odours

We carry out a wide range of measuring services for you to do with chemicals, dust, noise and smells. With our many years of experience gained in large industrial companies, we competently take care of your environmental analysis.

You receive information from us, consultation services on measurements planning, as well as the required proof of measured values and analysis for your site.

Our services

  • Emission measurements of chemical substances according to §§26, 28 BImSchG by a notified measuring institute in accordance with §29b BImSchG
  • Measuring of odours (olfactometry), olfactometric measurements in conformity with EN 13725
  • Noise measurements, emission and immission measurement for noise and distribution calculation according to §§26, 28 BImSchG by a notified body in conformity with §29 b BImSchG
  • Workplace measurements of hazardous substances to allow observations of the threshold limit values (TLV) at workplaces
  • Workplace measurements of E-dust (inhalable fraction) and A-dust (alveolar fraction)
  • Workplace measurement of noise in conformity with §4 of the German noise and vibration health and safety regulation to comply with noise exposure levels
  • Drawing up of a noise register
  • Compiling a noise reduction programme
  • Water and waste water analysis (for example AOX, COD, TOC, heavy metals, etc.)
  • Analysis of liquid industrial waste