Regenerative thermal oxidizer plant (RTO) for waste air purification

170,000 m³/h waste air from production flow through a waste air duct with a diameter of 2.50 m

Reference: Environmental technology

Tesium, being a plant designer with its own operative experience, is also a specialist for thermal exhaust air purification. The challenge is that intensively smelly waste air from the production of flavors and fragrances is characterized by a large number of very varied substances from different substance groups, which are often processed using batch processing methods.

After a thorough technical and economical investigation of various methods for the waste air purification, regenerative thermal oxidation turned out to be the best solution. The organic substances being created at irregular intervals are removed most rapidly and most reliably by thermal oxidation. On account of the lack of a heat consumer being available at the same time, regenerative thermal oxidation was the alternative requiring the lowest amount of supplemental energy. Additional saving potential is provided by Tesium by offering the choice between natural gas and organic solvent waste as a fuel substitute.

Scope of services

  • Concept design
  • Basic engineering
  • HAZOP (Hazard and operability study)
  • Approval process in accordance with BImSchG (German Federal Immission Control Act)
  • Detail engineering as CAD 3D design
  • Electrical and I&C planning and automation
  • Procurement support
  • Site management (during construction and assembly)
  • Project management from the planning to the commissioning

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