Electrical engineering – I&C engineering

Instrumentation and control planning for the processing industry

With our specialisation in engineering and automation as our core business, we offer high-quality and comprehensive services in basic and detail engineering. For us electrical and I&C planning includes mature concepts, planning, design and automation – the highest standards of efficiency and safety.

It is no different whether you are looking for efficient processes or safety-relevant functions. Even with plants that are subject to the extended obligations according to the German Major Incidents Ordinance (StörfallV), our experience shows that safety and profitability are not mutually exclusive.

Our services in basic engineering

  • Concept design

    • Instrumentation concepts
    • Automation concepts
    • Alarm- and interlocking concepts
    • UPS concepts
    • Risk-analysis, SIL / PL – calculations and concepts in safety instrumentation

  • Ex-proof concepts and Ex-zoning plans
  • Implementation planning

    • Process function descriptions
    • Contract documentation and specifications

Our services in detail engineering

  • Dimension and Design

    • Design activators and sensors
    • Design restriction orifices, control valves and motors
    • Measurement and control protective equipment

  • Process automation

    • Design flow diagrams automation
    • Determine distributed peripheral equipment
    • Assembly documents
    • Electrical wiring  and loop diagrams
    • Design of bus systems: Profibus DP / PA, Industrial Ethernet, ProfiNet
    • HMI design and optimisation
    • Documentation
    • Procurement

  • Electrical power supply

    • Design of low voltage distribution boards
    • Design of electrical infrastructure
    • Design of lighting / emergency lighting systems